How do I know if I am elegible for a Scholarship from La Michoacana Foundation?

You may find the minimun requirements for eligibility here.

Who is eligible for a scholarship?

High school seniors graduating in May 2017, current high school graduates, and current community college/college students that are current, active employees employed by La Michoacana Meat Market for at least two years and children/dependents of active employees employed by La Michoacana Meat Market for at least three years by the application deadline are eligible.

Where can I fill out an application for a scholarship?

Fill an online application here.

What companies are eligible for the scholarship program?

You may find here the eligible companies. Should the company you are inquiring about is not included, please send a message here.

What if I dont have all the required paperwork?

All required paperwork should be submitted in a timely manner in order for your application to be considered.

When is the application deadline?

Wait until we publish the dates to apply in the fall 2018.

How do I know if I have been granted a scholarship?

We will let you know by July 15, 2017

Where can I follow-up on my application process?

We will keep you posted of your process via email.

What kind of companies are eligible for grants and fundraising campaigns?

La Michoacana Foundation works with section 501(c)(3) organizations supporting its Mission to improve the lives of individuals in our wonderful community for the next generation.

Where do I apply for a grant?

Apply here.

Where do I apply for a fundraising campaing?

Apply here.