La Michoacana Foundation

La MichoacanaFoundation

La Michoacana Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) organization focused on improving the quality of lives of our communities by positively influencing education level and general wellbeing.

La Michoacana Foundation’s core objectives include supporting education, college-preparedness, wellness for K-12 students, healthcare, and related issues.

La Michoacana Foundation issues scholarships for students to attend college and partners with tax-exempt organizations to effectively address community needs, focusing on education and wellness.

La Michoacana seeks visionary leaders and partners to develop innovative projects and produce results that will advance its Mission.

Why do we exist?

Educational attainment

According to the 2010 US Census1, Hispanics are the group with the lowest education level. 67% of them who are 25 years and older only got at the most, a highschool diploma. The census also tells us that only 33% of them actually got further studies, but almost 40% did not get a degree.

College enrollment by race and ethnicity

In a 2014 National Journal poll2 , 66% of Hispanics who got a job or entered the military directly after high school cited the need to help support their family as a reason for not enrolling in college.

This economic need reflects in low college enrollment, making hispanics the group with the lowest college enrollment.

We want to help our community enroll and get a degree

We want to help our community enroll and get a degree. The data3 shows not only low enrollment among hispanics, but also low completion rates.

We have seen too many young people excel at their professional development. As long as there is hard work and determination, we believe financial circumstances should never get in the way of education.

College completion by race and ethnicity

Asians 63%
Whites 41%
Blacks 22%
Hispanics 15%

We empower our community to overcome economic barriers.