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La Michoacana Foundation

In the last thirty years, as La Michoacana Meat Market has grown from one store founded in 1986 to 150 stores throughout Texas and the United States. We have continued our commitment to give back to the employees, customers, and our great community. We are full of gratitude and are excited to support those who have helped us get to where we are today.

We have always strived to help those in need. For the past several years, we have been fundraising by offering our stores as an avenue for others to contribute and donate to various worthy causes and organizations.

Past campaigns

We currently provide at least two campaigns a year including fundraisers to benefit St. Jude’s Children Research Hopspital, Children’s Miracle Network, and Teleton USA.

We have also donated towards the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo who contributes towards youth education and educational programs, BP MS 150, Autism Speaks, Steps For Students, It’s My Heart- The Children’s Heart Foundation, among others, as well as sponsoring the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Inaugural Latin Gala in 2011.

We will be providing a new future and platform for our employees and their families’ education through our scholarship program.

We feel it is essential to provide an education for the bright students and youth of our community who do not have the means to attain their educational goals. To grant help to those with medical and educational needs completes our essence as a company.

Along with our values we feel our social responsibility is to serve as an aid for others.

La Michoacana Foundation has been in the works for several years and we are excited to launch our foundation along with the celebration of our 30 Year Anniversary.

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